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Mission Statement

The Salem Partnership shall facilitate collaboration between businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies in which risks, resources, and skills are shared in projects related to the revitalization and restoration of the City of Salem and its general vicinity, which benefit both the partners and community in general. Seven primary areas are considered as integral components to meeting its goal: downtown revitalization with emphasis on enhancement of the retail economy; promoting and marketing the city as a center for business activity and tourism, regionally and nationally; parking and access; cultural and educational development; preservation of historic resources; housing/neighborhood development; and growth management.

Our goal...

The Salem Partnership's goal is to revitalize economic development in Salem, Massachusetts. Via the commuter rail, Salem is located within 26 minutes of Boston. Salem offers waterfront property, quaint cobblestone streets, a pedestrian-friendly downtown and a ripe, growing marketplace for business.

Salem has an uncommonly rich cultural heritage as one of the very earliest landing sites of the English colonists, the first major world harbor for the United States, and a thriving hub of American industry.
We hope that you will consider beautiful historic Salem when selecting a site to locate your business. Please contact us to find out more about doing business in our city.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Participation on the Board of Directors:

    All members are entitled to sit on the Board of Directors and are encouraged to participate in decision-making processes. This includes monthly discussions with public and private leaders on topics of importance to the economic growth of the city and the region. Members of the Board are also invited to participate on sub-committees and focused action committees.

  • Opportunity to work with key decision makers:

    Board members regularly have access to federal, state and local elected officials.

  • Access to shaping public policy:

    The Partnership informs its members about key issues in the City of Salem as well as the region and provides the member with the opportunity to affect change as these issues evolve.

  • Invitations to private receptions and special events.

  • Share the success of our initiatives:

    The Partnership has a long track record of accomplishments in many areas of importance to the local economy including tourism, education, transportation, seaport development, job creation and business enhancement. The Partnership is highly visible as an effective organization of business leaders dedicated to success.

How is The Salem Partnership different from other business organizations?

  • Project implementation is a key priority:

    The Partnership seeks to bring about the revitalization of Salem. Members focus on concrete projects that help the city revitalize its potential. The redevelopment of the Salem Armory into a Visitor’s Center including the construction of the replica 18th Century ship “Friendship”, the reconstruction of the National Park Service’s Maritime Site, and the Salem Courthouse Project are all examples of Partnership initiatives.

  • Benefits the Community:

    The Partnership’s mission is to promote the greater good of the City of Salem and the surrounding region. The Partnership takes stands for the benefit of the city not necessarily the organization or its individual members. Its focus is on the implementation of projects.

  • Focused Agenda:

    The Partnership focuses on a few strategic issues and seeks to accomplish effective change through action and building cooperation between diverse interest groups.

  • Nationally Recognized:

    The Partnership is nationally recognized as an effective organization which represents the perspectives of both the private and public sectors.